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Api & Bulk Drugs

Packaging Fibre drum in India

We understand the critical importance of reliable packaging in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors. Our fibreboard drums meet the stringent requirements for the safe storage and transport of medicines, vaccines, and other medical supplies.

Gravuer Cylinder

Packaging Fibre drum in India

Our wide range of customized sizes portfolio allows us to produce even diameter 7”Inc to 14”Inc specialised for gravure cylinder industries.

Wire Manufacturers

Fibre paper drums manufacturers

An extrusion machine is used to create copper wire by forcing the metal through a series of extrusion dies to create a particular shape. When creating cables, the copper begins as what's called an "ingot," which is basically a big brick of pure copper. The ingots

Speciality Chemicals

Fibre paper drums manufacturers

With their robust construction and UN certification, our fibreboard drums are ideal for the safe transportation and storage of chemicals and hazardous materials.

Ink /dye & Paint

Top Fibre drum manufacturers in hyderabad

Our durable drums offer secure packaging for fertilizers, pesticides, and other agrochemical products, safeguarding their quality and effectiveness

Laminate Packaging

Fibre Drums Dealers in Gujarat

Laminate is resistance to water vapor, gas, light and aroma and is also pilfer and tamper proof. Low tare weight makes handling & transportation economical.

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