Gravaure Cylinder Packaging Drum

Gravure cylinder Fibre drum
Drums Categories Gravures Cylinder Packaging Drum
Diameter 7" TO 16"
Height 10" TO 105"
Acessories -
Customization One Side Cap/both Side Ring/both Side Cap
Certification UN certificate / ISO 9001:2015
Material Stored Gravures printing cylinder,vacuum bagging film

Guide to Gravure cylinder Fiber drum

A gravure cylinder is a high-volume method of printing that is used for various applications. The gravure cylinder is of high quality and comprises a gravure cylinder that has a pattern or image that needs to be printed on paper, foil, or film. Gravure cylinder fiber drum  is made of metal and copper to make it strong and durable. The surface of the cylinder is plated with chromium to enhance its use and increase its longevity. 

Application of Gravure Cylinder

Here are a few applications of the Gravure cylinder

  • It is used as a medium for packaging foils, laminates, and plastic films. This is widely used to pack edibles and other consumer goods like snacks and candies.
  • Gravure cylinders are commonly used in the printing industry to print labels on food packaging items, pharmaceutical products, cosmetics and other various products. 
  • The gravure cylinder is also used for publishing catalogs and magazines to grab the attention of readers.
  • Gravure cylinders are widely used for decorating and designing intricate patterns to make wallpapers out of them. 
  • The most common application of gravure cylinder is in the product branding industry. It helps in making the product visually appealing and of high quality to attract new     consumers. 

Gravures Cylinder Pack Fiber Drum

Allies Containers LLP offers the best quality gravure cylinder drums that can be customized into one side cap, both side rings and both side caps. Our products are UN certified and can be used to store materials like gravures printing cylinders, vacuum bagging film and other products.

About Allies Containers LLP

Allies Containers LLP is one of the leading gravure cylinder manufacturers companies that is committed to offering eco-friendly and sustainable products. As a team of talented young professionals, we focus on combining innovative techniques and advanced manufacturing processes to bring out the best quality fiber board drums. We are a global supplier of superior-quality packaging drums and focus on delivering the best results by exceeding customer expectations. 

If you need premium quality fiber board drums, wire packaging drums or bulk packaging drums connect with the head of the team at Allies Containers LLP and get to know more about our products and services. 


01 How does a gravure cylinder fiber drum work?

The gravure cylinder comes with a compartment where cells are installed and these cells are filled with ink to print some images or patterns. It is then transferred onto a sheet of paper for better results.

Yes, gravure cylinders can be used to take out prints of different images and patterns but may require to be re-engraved for new designs. 

Gravure cylinders are used in various industries such as pharmaceutical industries, printing and publication industries. Choosing a gravure cylinder fiber drum can be a good option as it can store different materials and comes with different customizable options available. 

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