Api & Bulk Drug Drum

API bulk drug packaging
Drums Categories Api & Bulk Drug Packaging Drum
Diameter 7",8",10",12",14",15",16",17" ,18",20",22",24"
Height 6" To Upto 54"
Acessories Lifting Handle
Customization Un Printed/lamination/aluminium Foil Lamination/branding/colour/air Tight Packing/inside-outside Lamination
Certification UN certificate / ISO 9001:2015
Material Stored Pharmaceutical API, Intermediate drugs, Bulk drugs, Speciality chemicals, Dye/ intermediate dyes, insecticide/ pesticides

API & Bulk drugs Drum manufacturer

Allies Containers LLP is a leading API & Bulk drugs Drum manufacturer, we take immense pride in producing top quality packaging solutions that cater to diverse sectors. With the commitment to excel and take care of the environment, we seek durable and eco-friendly packaging options. With the vision to revolutionize the packaging industry by providing sustainable Drum solutions, we have our team of young professionals who is invested in delivering as promised. With a huge investment in using latest and sustainable technology, our aim is to provide high-quality fibre drums and diverse options of API & bulk drugs Drum in India.

Our packaging products ensure to create an impactful impression on the customers.

An API & Bulk Drug Drum offers a specialized container that is designed to transport API in bulk. It is mainly used by pharmaceutical industries and is available for multipurpose use. Our API Bulk Drug Drum comes with-

  • Unprinted or covered in Aluminum Foil
  • It has air tight packaging
  • It has different colors and is usually laminated
  • It can be used to store pharmaceutical products like dye, intermediate dyes, insecticides and pesticides, bulk drugs etc.

Characteristics of API Bulk Drugs Drums

  • As noted, API & Bulk drugs Drums are constructed with materials that can store pharmaceutical products and have high-density polyethylene.
  • It is designed in a way that it helps in prevention of contamination and ensures that it is not in contact with any external element like moisture or air. This will ensure the quality of the API stored.
  • API bulk drugs come in various sizes and capacities, and usually designed based on the quantity of API that needs to be stored.

API bulk drug drums must be used by experienced professionals and proper handling and transportation of active pharmaceutical ingredients must take place at all times.

Choosing Allies Containers LLP will ensure to offer premium quality Bulk Drugs Packaging Solutions to its customers and constantly seek news ways to improve and reduce ecological footprints. By choosing Allies Container LLP, you are choosing sustainability and a greener and sustainable future. We believe to meet and exceed our customer’s specific requirements and deliver packaging solutions prominently. We look forward to collaborate with you and allow you to safeguard your products with our sustainable packaging solutions.

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